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Pre-operative tests and how to prepare for surgery

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We put together a guide about the patient journey.

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Patients can easily find the administrative information


Pre-operative tests and how to prepare for surgery

Travel & Accomodation

We put together a guide about the patient journey.

Endometriosis Center
for diagnosis and surgical treatment

Bucharest Endometriosis Center is an integrated facility for diagnosis and surgical treatment for endometriosis and adenomyosis. Founded in 2018 by doctor Gabriel Mitroi, the Center offers quality care and an individualised medical approach.

With a multidisciplinary team made up of the most experienced doctors in the country, Bucharest Endometriosis Center receives patients from all over the world. Using minimally invasive techniques, with excision as the main procedure, we strive to help as many patients as possible regain the quality of life deeply affected by endometriosis. Having extensive knowledge on the disease and its mechanisms, Dr. Mitroi can provide accurate endometriosis diagnosis. 

Having dedicated most of his time to studying endometriosis and operating around 200 patients every year, Dr. Mitroi is able to diagnose the disease based on the physical examination. This, of course, is then confirmed by other tests.


Highly skilled multidisciplinary team of specialist brought together by their passion for medicine and by the calling to help those who are not able to find relief. Offering compassionate and specialist care for patients from all over the world. Patients have access to the best surgical treatment available for endometriosis at affordable prices.


Always aware of the disastrous effects of endometriosis, never questioning our patients. The process of traveling for medical care has been made as easy as possible. Fighting misinformation, educating and constantly raising awareness.


Each of the team members is a specialist in their own field and has extensive knowledge regarding endometriosis. The team can address any kind of endometriosis involvement. Dr. Mitroi leads the team as a mentor, an educator and a colleague. Each case is evaluated individually and the team’s expertise allows them to take on the most challenging cases.

We treat you
with kindness

We know that endometriosis patients are often traumatized either by the effects of the disease or by negative experiences with medical systems. At the BEC patients are never dismissed, and they are always treated with kindness and care. 

Combining specialized excision surgery with compassion we value your health. We operate as much as 7 cases per week, sometimes less if they are difficult cases. We do not compromise on time nor on quality. A surgery takes as long as it takes and if this means sometimes performing one single surgery, the whole day, then this is what we’ll do. 

We offer you

Dr. Mitroi and his team have dedicated themselves not only to providing surgical treatment for endometriosis but to educating.

That’s why we are proud to present our endometriosis manual “Endometriosis from A to Z”, a comprehensive work dedicated to patients and doctors alike. The resource is completely free for you to download.


Surgeries per year


Deep infiltrating endometriosis cases per year


Bowel endometriosis cases per year


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Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects people of any age, including postmenopausal women. It has been found in men, animals and foetuses. When asking “what is endometriosis” it is important to remember that endometriosis is different from the endometrium. It is defined as the presence of tissue SIMILAR to the endometrium, outside the uterus. There is no known treatment for endometriosis and it can take up to more than 10 years on average from the onset of the symptoms until an endometriosis diagnosis.

Adenomyosis is the presence of endometrial glands and stroma tissue in the myometrium. Unlike endometriosis, the symptomatology ceases after menopause. The most common symptoms are pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and heavy menstruation. Adenomiosys can be focal and diffuse. It can impact fertility by affecting the uterotubal transport, endometrial function and receptivity and implantation.


More than 178.000.000 people around the world have endometriosis
It is a common as asthma and diabetes
30% to 50% of patients with endometriosis are infertile
6.298 EUR lost in work productivity annually
8-10 years until a diagnosis is given
78% of endometriosis patients are diagnosed with other issues

What Our Patients Say

Amazing hospital, very but very high quality of doctors and their skills. They saved my life,I would definitely recommend this place and dr. Mitroi to everyone who is suffering from endometriosis. Tthey did a great job on me,I thankful to them for the rest of my life!!
The best place to treat all my endometriosis problems. After many years of pains and wrong diagnoses from other doctors, Dr. Mitroi has helped me find relief and start a new life. Thank you for all your care and support! R.P, Romania
I had endo excision surgery with Doctor Mitroi and team and first time in years that I feel alive again! You gave me my health back, hope It keeps it that well! S.V Spain

Traveling for care?

If you are traveling from another country, we make it easy to access compassionate and specialist care.

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  • Endometriosis is classified as a disease of reproductive age. In reality endometriosis affects a much wider category, being either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. One of the origin theories of endometriosis demonstrates that endometriosis is caused by a genetic defect that we are born with and over time, when women reach puberty, under the influence of estrogen, it activates and starts to cause pain. In most cases, different kind of pain appears with or after the first period. However, there are also cases when pelvic pain occurs before menstruation. It would be

  • Pudendal neuralgia is an extremely frequent urological, gynecological, and neurological pathology, but extremely underdiagnosedThe most common symptoms of pudendal neuralgia are:urinary disorders - similar to urinary infections which are often confused with and improperly treated; most of the time, PN is diagnosed as 'interstitial cystitis', an extremely rare pathology that definitely requires histopathological confirmation.vaginismus - most of the time patients cannot have a normal sexual lifedigestive disorders - especially in the lower digestive tract - constipation, rectal tenesmusperineal pain, pelvic painpain/paresthesia at the level of the internal face of the

  •           Another important cause of pelvic pain, and missdiagnosed, along with endometriosis/adenomyosis, is represented by pudendal neuralgia (external pubic nerve).       This delay in diagnostic happens because there is still no well-established specialty for this pathology (a few exceptions). I am convinced that until recently (about a year ago), attributing the presence of pelvic pain to endometriosis/adenomyosis, I 'missed' this diagnosis many times. However, the pain in this pathology is different from that caused by pelvic endometriosis/adenomyosis from many points of view. That is why the discussion/dialogue with the patient