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Dr. Gabriel Mitroi,

Dr. Gabriel Mitroi is the founder and coordinator of the BEC team. He is a consultant gynecological oncologist, laparoscopic surgeon and excision specialist.

Due to his professional interest in endometriosis, he founded an integrated endometriosis center, bringing together a team of experts from a range of specialties, focusing on surgical endometriosis treatment, surgical adenomyosis treatment, and other benign gyno pathologies such as fibroids and ovarian cysts.

He is a member of several gynecology and endometriosis medical societies and he has been trained in endometriosis surgery by Prof Wattiez, among others. He believes that the best method for endometriosis treatment is excision and that hysterectomy does not treat endometriosis- a hysterectomy is only indicated if a patient has adenomyosis of the uterus and there is no desire for fertility preservation.

Dr Gabriel Mitroi is one of the best and most known endometriosis specialists in Romania. His services and expertise in the field of endometriosis surgery are sought by patients from all over the world.

As the coordinator of the medical team, Dr Mitroi’s responsibility is to ensure that the surgical treatment is delivered according to international medical safety and care standards. He has years of experience as a surgeon and has performed thousands of surgeries.
With a passion for difficult and challenging cases, Dr Mitroi uses minimally invasive techniques on most of his patients. He has focused on endometriosis surgery almost exclusively for the last 5 years.

He has mastered the excision technique and he is striving to provide the best endometriosis treatment available.

Experience & Insight

Dr. Gabriel Mitroi is striving to understand the disease in all its manifestations. His groundbreaking work in excision surgery could lead the way to answering the most burning question of all: “What is endometriosis”.

Since the endometriosis symptoms come in such a variety, sometimes they have to be put together like a puzzle in order to figure out the bigger picture. Dr. Mitroi loves puzzles. Like a true medical detective he seeks clues in the patient’s history, he listens to them, and after putting the pieces together he is able to provide a diagnosis which eluded many: endometriosis.

“To surgically treat endometriosis, you need a few things: knowledge about the disease, a thorough knowledge of the pelvic anatomy and the ability to remove the endometriosis lesions safely from all areas/organs affected. Endometriosis can severely distort the pelvic anatomy and the most challenging part is restoring the abdominal/pelvic anatomy.

I understood early on in my career that endometriosis is a deeper and more serious problem than the medical community thought it was. I kept seeing more and more cases of endometriosis, most of them who had already undergone one or more surgeries, with no success. I started studying the disease along with the specialists who were pioneers and leaders in their field and I realized that I have a lot to learn and a lot to offer. I trusted my abilities and I was motivated by the large number of patients devastated by the disease who were desperately seeking a solution to the never-ending cycle of surgeries.

Endometriosis surgery is complex, and we can spend even 10-13 hours in the operating room for one case alone. These extreme cases of endometriosis require, along with continuous surgical training, a strong physical and mental capacity, as well as a dedication of the entire surgical team.

After we finish operating such a case, we feel tired but content and satisfied knowing that we managed to help another patient that was considered inoperable. Over time, this satisfaction is doubled by the fact that patients are feeling much better after surgery, even if their recovery after these complex interventions is sometimes difficult. I’m grateful to my team for their dedication and their professionalism.

Patients always have access to my email and to my phone number. I involve them in the treatment plans and I answer all their questions and concerns. Providing educational materials for my patients is an important part of my professional role. I work together with them and their families to develop an effective plan to help treat their condition. I take pride in my work and I maintain long term relationships with my patients by communicating with them and helping them manage their condition and to improve their lives.”

Dr. Gabriel Mitroi

Founder & Coordinator of BEC Team

What His Patients Say

Best doctor ever, I can’t recommend him enough! He is the true and only endometriosis expert in Romania and he is very caring with his patients. He performed a very difficult and long surgery for stage IV endometriosis on me and I will always be grateful to him!
D.S. - Romania
I travelled from Ireland to Romania to avail of effective surgical treatment and I couldn’t be happier with how everything went. Dr Mitroi is so thorough and listened attentively to everything I had to say! To anyone considering treatment..I highly highly recommend! Thank you for giving me a chance at having my life back, I’ll be eternally grateful!!
A.M. - Ireland
I cannot express enough the gratitude I have towards dr. Mitroi and his amazing team. He is an exceptional doctor, very knowledgeable and attentive to details, he’s got the full package! I travelled all the way from Canada in order to get treated by him and it was the best decision I’ve ever made concerning my health! Thank you dr. Mitroi for being truly amazing and for getting my hopes up again!
R.V. - Canada
Dr. Mitroi is very passionate about his work and establishes a great rapport with his clients especially with his great sense of humor.
F.G. - Kenya