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Travelling for Surgery

Patients from different countries across the globe travel to Dr Mitroi for endometriosis surgery. Bucharest Endometriosis Center has put together a guide to provide information about the patient journey.

The process is straightforward. You will be guided by our team every step of the way.


Patients are encouraged to arrive 2-3 days prior to the surgery. This will give them enough time to familiarize with the city/location and to be able to easily navigate the journey to the hospital taxi, bus, walk).


Otopeni/Henri Coanda Airport is served by public and private transport. Public transport consists of express busses and trains. The airport does not have underground or train stations.

There is a mini bus that will take you from the airport to the train station (5 minutes journey) and the train stops at the main train station in Bucharest, Gara de Nord.

Tickets can be bought from the train information and tickets desk inside the airport. The name for the public trains in Romania is CFR (Romanian Railways).


The bus station is outside the airport and there are two express busses that connects the airport with the city, 780 and 783. Tickets can be purchased from the bus tickets stand outside the airport.

Public Taxi

For transport from the airport, you can use a yellow taxi and you will need to pre-book it from the ticket machines that are just before the exit. Based on the time of your arrival you might have to wait a few moments to find an available taxi. The machine will display 3-4 taxi companies with the cost as well, the lowest is the cheapest. Once you choose a taxi, the machine will run a search and if any taxi is available, a ticket will be dispensed with the company name, taxi number and the arrival time. The taxi can be picked from outside, across the road from the airport. Payment is in Romanian currency, cash.

You also have the option to call an UBER or a BOLT if you get the apps. There is also Free Now, another car sharing service which requires you to download an app. There are a number of services for renting and driving a car like: Pony car sharing, Citylink, Spark car sharing. You can find the free apps, configure them and drive yourself or your caregiver.

Patients downloadable information

Consultation and Scans

Dr Mitroi does his own scans and he also does internal examinations. Please let him know if it is possible to be on your period.

In person consultation

Consultations take place at the Monza Oncology Hospital. During the consultation, Dr Mitroi will ask a series of questions about symptoms and medical history and he will also do a gynecology examination.

Note: You do not need a surgical diagnosis to be seen by Dr Mitroi.


After the examination, Dr Mitroi will do either an abdominal scan or a transvaginal scan. In some cases, he will do both of them.


Should you need to have another person in the room, please let Dr Mitroi know and he will ask one of the nurses to be there.

Important: If you have been sexually abused or if you have had any sort of medical or sexual trauma, please let Dr Mitroi know, and please instruct him on how to proceed with the examination.

Telephone consultation-paid

In some cases Dr Mitroi is able to offer telephone consultation to individuals that prefer to discuss more about their case.

Prior to consultation, please send over:

  • your medical history in your own words including symptoms, pain, and what is your primary reasons to have surgery i.e. pain, fertility, both;
  • medical records such as scans, or surgery related to your symptoms/condition; an MRI is the most relevant investigation needed
  • a contact number and availability- regarding the availability, we kindly ask you to be flexible, if possible, due to Dr Mitroi having a busy schedule, mainly being in the surgery room or in between hospitals;

Payment: The cost of the telephone consultation is 100 euros. Please use telephone consultation as reference and pay via bank transfer to the bank account given.

Contact: email:

Other Information


Patients can have a familiar person staying with them as a carer. This is charged extra. The carer shares a room with the patient and will benefit from 3 meals a day.

Due to COVID, all patients and carers need to be tested before hospital admission.
Once admitted, the patient and the carer can’t leave the hospital until the discharge day.

Patients are required to keep a light diet, a couple of days prior to the procedure.


Treatment and other medical services can be paid in cash (romanian currency) or by card.

Visa letters

Patients travelling from countries that require a visa can apply for a short-term visa for medical reasons.

Medical visas can be obtained for patients and carer(s). Some embassies require letters in original and/or in Romanian. Please reach up to the Romanian embassy in your country and ask them about the requirements for short stay-medical visas. Should you require a carer as well, please let us know and we will do the medical letter for one or more persons.

Medical Letter

We provide various medical letters free of charge.

We are offering free of charge medical letters to all individuals who are planning to come for surgery or are booked in for surgery.

We offer medical letters for:

  1. Visas;
  2. Insurance reimbursement costs;
  3. Referrals to various medical services;
  4. Sick leave;
  5. Employers;
  6. Travelling;
  7. Insurance appeals;
  8. Expert surgery requirement;
  9. Other reasons;

Letters are sent via email; should you need a letter in original please be aware that you need to pay for the postage.