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Surgical Treatment

Our goal is to provide specialist surgical treatments with fast care, support and compassion at affordable costs.

We diagnose and treat endometriosis and other gynecology health issues, using imaging services, minimally invasive techniques and lab tests.

As an endometriosis center we recognize the disease in all its manifestations, we use laparoscopy and we excise endometriosis from all areas while preserving organs. We have treated patients from over 30 countries and we consider it a privilege that some of our patients have travelled from as far as Canada to have surgery with us.

Our Services

Consultations and ultrasounds

MRI with endometriosis protocol

MRI for any gynecological pathology

Diagnostic and treatment

Laparoscopic excision surgery for stages 1 to 4

Thoracic and diaphragmatic endometriosis

Urinary and bowel resections

Nerve endometriosis

Presacral neurectomy (adenomyosis)



Hysteroscopy – fibroids, polyps, infertility

Laparoscopic and open myomectomy for fibroids

Ovarian cystectomy


Cervical, ovarian, endometrial / uterine cancers

Pelvic organ prolapse




Laparoscopic excision surgery is our main treatment method for all types of endometriosis. Surgeries are done as overnight stay and often require the support of other specialists such as general surgeon, fertility specialist or urologist.

Endometriosis surgeons

Gynecologists experienced in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

General surgeons

Urologist surgeons


Thoracic surgeon

Fertility Specialists



Physical therapist



Ultrasounds scans are part of the consultation.

As part of the imaging diagnostic services, patients are recommended to do an MRI for endometriosis to find out more about the disease, in order to organize the team and to inform the patient about the possibility of organ loss/resection. Our MRI is done with vaginal and rectal gel instillation.


Email us if you need excision & gynecology surgeries or if you have any questions related to our services and how we can help you. We aim to answer emails within 2 days. All our patients benefit from high standards of care in a peaceful, private and supportive environment.