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Due to COVID the info on this page regarding surgery does not apply.

Due to COVID the info on this page regarding surgery does not apply.

Pre-operative consultation and tests

The patients need to arrive 2-3 days before the surgery. If an MRI is necessary, it will be performed either on the day before the surgery or 2days before the surgery. On the day prior to the surgery date you will need to perform pre-operative tests, you will meet the anesthesiologist for a consultation. You might meet Dr Mitroi for a clinical exam on the same day.

You will also do the pre-operative tests and you will be offered information about how to prepare for surgery. Consultations and pre-op tests are outpatient appointments and are done at Monza Hospital.


The MRI will be done at Medicales, a private clinic where Dr Livia Stanciulescu, our radiologist, is based. The written report of the MRI will be sent to the patient by email, after the examination. At the end of the MRI examination based on what was seen, Dr Stanciulescu will have a discussion with the patient. A mini enema (bowel prep) will need to be performed. You will receive all the information regarding the preparation together with the appointment confirmation.

One method of finding out more information about the extent of the disease and the organs affected is the MRI for endometriosis. This specific MRI consists in vaginal and rectal gel insertion, which have the role of distending the cavities to allow a better view of the organs. In addition to this, it’s also important that the MRI be done by a radiologist familiar with how endometriosis looks like.

MRI at Bucharest Edometriosis Center

The MRI is done by Dr Livia Stanciulescu and she is based at Medicales. The administrative staff will book the MRI. This is done a day or two prior to the surgery. Prior to the MRI, you will have a discussion with Dr Stanciulescu, then the procedure starts. At the end, Dr Stanciulescu will explain the results, she will give you a CD with the images andshe will send you a written report.

Please note that the insertion of the gel is not painful.

Hospital Admission and Surgery

You will be admitted to hospital on the morning of your surgery or in the evening of the previous day. You will be taken to your room by one of the nurses and you will be prepared for surgery. You will be taken to the operating room by a nurse where you will meet the rest of the team. Based on the schedule for the day and the complexity of your case, your surgery might be first one in the morning, or later on.

After surgery you will remain under observation for a few hours, maybe the whole night in the ICU. When the anesthesiologist decides it, you will be brought back to your room on a bed by the nurses, and you will be administered medication. Dr Mitroi will visit you either on the same day or the day after. Other members of the medical team will visit you as well, before and after the surgery. The medical team will follow up closely while you remain in the hospital. If you have any questions for Dr Mitroi while you are in the hospital you can reach him on his mobile.


You are allowed visitors during your stay in the hospital. Your loved ones can come with you in the morning and they can wait in your room while you are in the operating room. Bucharest Endometriosis Center understands how important it is to have a familiar face with you, so your visitors will be allowed to stay with you. 

Follow up appointment and ongoing care

Depending on the complexity of your case you will be admitted to hospital between 2-3 days. Dr Mitroi will advise when it’s best to travel back home and he will also give you post-op recommendations. A follow-up consultation will be done after the surgery. Dr Mitroi might remove your stitches and he will answer your questions.

After you arrive home you are encouraged to remain in contact with Dr Mitroi and ask any questions that arise during your recovery.