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Bucharest Endometriosis Center is an independent project, made up out of the most skilled, experienced and competent professionals in the country. The heart of the project is the team, not the place.

In order to provide the best possible care and conditions for the patients, we are working with two partner Hospitals in the private sector. We perform surgeries at one of the most modern hospitals in the country, equipped with state of the art medical technology, the Life Memorial Hospital – MedLife.

Some surgeries can also be performed at the Wellborn Hospital, but it depends on the requirements and the complexity of the surgery.

Life Memorial Hospital - MedLife

Wellborn Baneasa Hospital

Wellborn Baneasa Hospital is situated in a quiet residential zone and within a short car/bus ride from some of the most famous landmark places such as Village Museum, Herastrau Park, L’Arc de Triomphe, old town Centre and the People Palace, which is the second largest building after the Pentagon. Wellborn Baneasa Hospital is a 20 minute car ride from Henry Coanda airport and is served by public buses as well.