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When there is hope!

When there is hope!

This is a comment left on our Facebook page from a patient who travelled to have surgery with Dr Mitroi.

It took me a bit to collect years of stories in one review, but I hope we can still add to this…(ps. Sorry for the length, it is hard to put to words, how a short meeting, email responses and texts can change a life this much. Even harder to imagine a cut into unknown saving a life, overnight. This is why I tried to share my story a bit more and hopefully let you see his work and dedication to us and this unknown monster that takes away our bodies and our lives.)

I was a girl with bad periods and monthly pain of a few days every cycle. Over the years and some infections later, those pains grew and slowly “just take a painkiller” approach from GYNs I was seeing was not enough anymore. It started to take away my social life, since who can have this if even getting through work day is hardly possible, without landing on the floor due to all the pain? As time progressed, two years(+) of regular pains and visits to hospitals, my battle with the medical teams in two countries, led to finally being given a laparoscopy. But not without questioning my sanity and claims by the surgeon on the last pre OP consult, to me and my parent.

When it was done, they found a few minor things and many adhesions, and this surgeon only came to see me once with the most brief and unapologetic summary of findings, suggesting I should get pregnant in next few months and “cure my endo” (I always said I am not in a hurry with that, if wanting it at all). Months went by and my pain and symptoms came back. I was never able to return to work after surgery, since a few months after the same and familiar pain was back and was growing. This time I tried learning all I could on Endo and its “sister”, Adeno.

Among three hospitals (including private sector), over 20+ GYNs I could not find a single one that would offer some help, take me seriously or even conduct some research into my body, before offering me therapy for suppression. Getting my records from most of them is still an ongoing battle. (It would be nearly easier to get to to a dentist without local anaesthetic, than to get them to give those up!). I share this, since it is a dark contrast to what I have experienced with Dr. Mitroi and his team, when I was so tired and full of pain that life slowly stopped being worth living. 

Sharing my history and some of my (at times really) limited paperwork, he saw the urgency and need for help. Within first email, we were already discussing the dates avalible for the surgery. There was no questioning of my reports or sanity, there was no judgement of my lack of knowledge or my studies of my diagnosis. His team with Dr. Mitroi as a head, have been standing by our side, answering 101 question and doubt we have had.

They did not ridicule my mental state, my symptoms notes or my lack of records. Instead they welcomed my partners and my own curiosity, they took time from their already full schedule to check in, even on Sunday! They messaged after discharge to make sure we are doing ok, they informed my partner (with my consent) as soon as I was out of the surgery with brief findings. After discharge, his residents came by often, repeated the findings to me more than once, without losing patience with my exhausted mind. They even shared their stories with Endo! (There is many instances where I could expand on this, but let’s keep this a bit “shorter”. 😉).

Not only did he save my body from this. He believed me in my first email! He responded to every email in a few hours time or a day. He never questioned my reports, but instead learned about my experience from it. His team made hard exams (MRI, blood test, CPR tests) manageable and even one of the best experiences I have had in my life time! His residents are learning from a man who cares deeply for his patients and it is more than evident, that he is a good if not great teacher and one day will bring to this world more amazing Doctors like himself. 

If you are looking for a reason to give him this award, I can only speak for my own experience, but I am sure there are many before and even more after me, that will agree… With his (and his teams) kindness they have mended our previous hursts by the systems and medicine around the world. With their skill and knowledge, they have helped our bodies to get back on their feet again. To move, to leave the bed, to breathe, to laugh. With their time, they have given us themselves and sometimes helped heal deeper wounds than we would ever be able to describe.

I believe I am not the only one, but despair of this disease and it’s “normal” treatment is so deep that the will to life is hard to find, but this comes with all that Dr. Mitroi and his team that offer each and every one of his patients. The skills, kindness and willingness to learn. They save our minds, bodies and souls, they save us. 1 in 10 women (all around the world), us fighters for our lives, they stand next to us and help us back on our feet, when most of the world have forgotten we exist. 

Today I walk, think and laugh some more again, thanks to his work. Suddenly depression is hard to find and joy is in every morning when I can leave my bed and walk to the store. I can finally slowly start planing my return to work. He is a Doctor and a Surgeon, Shrink and a Mentor. He is almost like a mate, who you message when you are worried about something medical relating to Endo/Adeno. Because even after a year/month/day of not seeing him, you know that this mate will still answer your text and give you a starting point on how to continue getting your health in order. 

Last but not least, he might operate on our bodies, but he saves lives and more importantly, he saves hope and I really hope our stories help get to help him get the recognition he deserves. For all his dedication to each and every one of us, there are no words to say Thank you, but maybe, jut maybe all these reviews and stories help find a “collective way” of showing our gratitude and shine a light on his life’s work.